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קמפיין חדשות לדרך ומטרתו להשיב לאזרחים את "הכסף האבוד" שלהם. כיום, ההערכות מדברות על מיליארדי שקלים שממתינים לבעלים החוקיים שלהם. כיצד תוכלו לאתר את הכסף שלכם ומה צריך לעשות כדי למשוך אותו? כיצד מגיעים למצב שבו "כסף נאבד"? כחלק מהניהול הפנסיוני שלנו לאורך החיים, אנו מפרישים כספים רבים לטובת קרנות מנהלים וקרנות פנסיה. לא אחת …

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Strike school February 22, 2019: what are the reasons for the protest?

Strike school February 22, 2019: reasons Friday 22 February 2019 the students will mobilize to protest against the new formula of the state exams, ie the Maturity 2019. According leavers, the changes introduced by Minister Bussetti appointment came too close to the final assessment and then there ' it is time to prepare for the …

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Past participle of succumbing, what is it?

Verb succumb: past participle Let's talk about past participle and today, the verb we have chosen for you, is very very special. This is the verb to succumb ; raise your hand in those who know the past participle, who often uses it in their speeches? We know well that many of you will lie …

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How to enroll at University abroad: Europe

REGISTER FOR UNIVERSITY ABROAD: EUROPE Are you already thinking that after graduation will you continue your university studies outside of Italy? If you intend to stay in Europe, and especially to go to study in a country belonging to the European Union, things are quite simple as there are common rules that all states must …